Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Deal.

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We Have the Winner of this Week's BSOW Award

The winner of this week's BSOW Award is this video.  It wouldn’t have gotten my attention when it was posted Google+ except for the way it was captioned.  As soon as I read it my BS indicator went off.  It’s not that Trackman is not a neat tool, but the audacity of saying that all I've learned about the golf swing is antiquated and obsolete was just too much for me.

I read a lot of stuff in social media that reeks of BS, but I don't say anything because arguing with idiots is pointless.  After watching this video I want you to think about how information like this is really going to help you break 100 or fix your slice.

Here’s the caption: “Today's technology dismisses the old antiquated ways of diagnosing and fixing your golf swing! All golfers who inspire to improve must know what they're trying to achieve. Here is a great example:”.

I will grant that the person that posted it doesn’t mention golf in his bio anywhere and it’s obvious from his caption that he has limited knowledge of it.

One of the biggest problems in the game today is the over use of Trackman, video, etc.  It causes instructors and golfers in general to think that the golf swing is actually a series of positions instead of a fluid motion or swing.

When working with very low handicap and professional golfers technology can provide very useful information, but with high handicappers and beginners it is of very limited use.

That’s my rant for the week and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Way Better Than My BSOW Award!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Great Golf Swing Advice - How to Max Out Your Driver.

A common misconception about the golf swing is that the same swing will work for all of your clubs. Each club has its own swing required to be successful.  This is due to changing lengths, lofts, and lie angles as you go through the bag. If you swing your driver in the manner that I am about to explain and the club is properly fit, you will see a dramatic change in your distance.

When talking about hitting drivers, an important statistic to know is your Angle of Attack.  This number represents the downward or upward strike on the golf ball at impact. The reason why this is important is because unlike when you hit an iron which is sitting on the ground, the driver is teed up an inch or two above the playing surface. This alone should change the way in which you hit the shot. Since the ball is on a tee it no longer requires a downward strike to the ball.

With the ball too far back in your stance, your shoulders will be open.
Shoulders Open Ball Too Far Back The same set up from displayed from a different angle.
Typically when we talk about Angle of Attack with a driver we are looking for a certain window + or - from 0 degrees. So when you hit say your 7 iron that Angle of Attack should be in the ballpark of -5 degrees. Meaning you are hitting 5 degrees into the ground at the moment of impact. A driver is best played from an Angle of Attack closer to 0.  PGA Tour Average is -1 ( 1 degree down on the ball), keep in mind there are many different golf swings on the PGA Tour and that is taking all of them into consideration.

Players who swing at 100 mph with optimal launch and spin rate conditions can expect to see the following changes in distance.  If they swing with an Angle of Attack that is -5 degrees the most they can carry their driver is 222 yards, 0 degrees will carry their driver 235, and +5 degrees will carry their driver 247 yards.  That is an average of 2.5 yards more carry per positive angle of change! If you can move your Angle of Attack 5 degrees more positive you stand to hit at least one club less into the green! Here’s how you can do it!

The most important thing a player can do is create a setup position that will allow them to hit more up or level.  The shoulders need to be tilted with the left shoulder higher than the right (right handed player), but square to the target line. A lot of players open their shoulders and are level causing shots resulting in a slice. The next thing is to make sure the ball is positioned just inside your left toe or left heel (for a right handed player). These two changes in your setup will help you get into a position to hit more up or level on the tee box.

Positioning the ball by your left heel with promoted tilting your shoulders on the target line.
Shoulders Tilted and Ball By Left Heel The same set up from displayed from a different angle.
Shoulders tilted and on the target line Try these tips next time you’re on the tee and hopefully you will be out driving your buddies!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This is just too funny not to share!!!

Hey Nicklaus Fans! USGA to Rebroadcast 'Jack's First Major' on Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2014

Why Chris Como may be Perfect for Tiger.

By now we all know that Chris Como is Tigers new "Swing Consultant",  but if what I've been able to find out about is true, he may actually have a chance to help Tiger  have a shot at winning more majors.

In an article by  Tim Rosaforte   Notah Begay III made some very interesting comments.

So why is Como perfect for Woods, six years without a major, about to turn 39, and coming off a season that was continually interrupted by back issues? "Because he's not a method teacher," Begay said.

In his role as sounding board, a job that started with a heart-to-heart talk among Stanford teammates after the PGA, Begay believed that Woods needed to go back to what he did well in the '90s. Como hopes to help Woods find some of that feel.

I think this is what he should have done years ago.  The physical problems will complicate things, but if Ben Hogan come come back from a near fatal car crash, then Tiger can come back from this.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Finally! A Solution to Our Ryder Cup Problem!

From the by Dave Kempton

An interview with the LPGA Solheim palyers.

The LPGA Solheim Cup players have some very simple advice to their AmericanRyder Cup counterparts who lost again to the Europeans in September.
“Play better.”

“The Europeans are strong, both the men and women, and we all need to step up our game,” Michelle Wie said. “If we made more birdies it would have changed the outcome.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Secrets of the Golf Game Revealed.

My BSOW award this week goes to Golf Tips <> again this week.  Got an email from them today with this claim.

"Imagine... an entire DVD (3-disk set) with an instructional program that holds nothing back as Marius reveals his best kept secrets."

If you will open your wallet you can learn his secrets - BS!

Understand one thing up front - there are no "Secrets" and anyone trying to tell you there is is just trying to rip you off.

Any time you see the term "Method" or "Secrete" get away as fast as possible because someone is trying to make money off of you with some type of "Quack" advice.

Good luck in avoiding the BS and have a great weekend.  If the weather is so bad you can't play golf, at least you have football!

One last item.  There is an end of season closeout on some really great shirts that were $49.95 to $69.95 now 50% off and they have a cool logo.  Just a few colors and sizes left. 

Check them out here!

A Simple, Quick Way To Fix Your Slice.

Why You Should Use the Hockey Grip to Get Rid of a Slice Quickly.

Another simple quick tip to improve your golf swing.  I have used the "Hockey Grip" for years as the simplest and quickest way for my students to learn to control how the ball curves and create a draw instead of a slice.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Davis Love Makes a Great Point About the Ryder Cup

Love thinks Ryder Cup has too many people involved
By DOUG FERGUSON, AP Golf Writer |

NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — One of the messages Davis Love III wants to bring to the 11-member Ryder Cup Task Force is that it has gotten too big.

He said the amount of scheduled time at the Ryder Cup is about double what the Americans spend at the PresidentsCup, which is understandable because the Ryder Cup gets about double the interest.

What really concerns him is the size of the team party.

Love, the captain in 2012 at Medinah, said the U.S. team has expanded so much over the years that it is losing its intimacy. He thought back to his first Ryder Cup team in 1993, when Tom Watson was the captain and had a friend as his assistant. The players and their wives were in the team room and "all we did was hang out."

"Now it's all the PGA officers, all their wives, all the caddies, all their wives, all the 'strap hangers' in this big room," Love said last month at the McGladrey Classic. "The intimacy of the team has changed. ... They do a lot for us to give us the Ryder Cup. But do they need to be in the room? It's like a traveling circus. When you go to dinner, it's not the team that goes to dinner. It's 30 more people."

Love said when he was an assistant captain in Wales, he planned to drive his own cart around Celtic Manor. Instead, a PGA officer was assigned as his cart driver. It actually worked out well because of the rain, but it was another example of the U.S. team becoming the U.S. entourage.
"It's grown to where instead of being 12, 13 guys and sometimes the wives ... to this huge mass of people," Love said. "A lot of things have changed. It's not bad. It's just we need to get back to what the players want to make it feel like a team."

Love said the first meeting of the task force was to be held either the first or second week in December. The PGA of America has its annual meeting the weekend before Thanksgiving. He said a second meeting is expected the first week of February, around the time of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines.