Sunday, August 30, 2015

Phil Mickelson Hits It Backwards!

The Barclays' leader board will say Phil Mickelson is in 30th place or so at the end of Saturday play.

Yet Mickelson's undoubtedly No. 1 in the hearts of the Plainfield galleries after attempting this backwards shot in his third round:

In the third round of The Barclays 2015, Phil Mickelson attempts to escape the greenside bunker hitting it with his back to the hole but lands back in the bunker where he is successful on his third shot eventually making par on the par-4 18th hole.

Only Phil would try something like this.  Gotta love him for it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jordan Spieth Loses No.1 Ranking!

Jordan Spieth didn't last long at the top.  Rory McIlroy will replace him despite not playing this week.  Go figure how that works. 

Spieth will lose his world number one ranking to Rory McIlroy after missing the cut at The Barclays in New Jersey on Friday. 

Spieth was runner-up to Jason Day at the PGA Championship less than two weeks ago to overtake McIlroy in the rankings after victories at the Masters and US Open.

  Spieth, 22, followed his four-over-par first-round 74 with an 73 to finish five strokes over the cut.

The halfway leader is Bubba Watson, who carded a 68 after opening with a 65. 

Spieth is the first player to miss the cut in his first start after becoming world number one.

His struggles mean McIlroy, currently recovering from an ankle injury, will return to the top of the rankings when they are published on Monday despite not lifting a club this weekend. 

"I'm definitely searching for answers," said Spieth, who added it had been a "tough week". 

"I don't know exactly what I'm going to do from here as far as how I get prepared for next week [the Deutsche Bank Championship] but I have some time to figure it out," he added.

"I've reached that peak already and I know it's going to be close enough to where if I just get the job done next week, I'll be back in that ranking". 

"But again, that ranking, it's great once you reach it but it's not something that I'm going to live or die on each week. It doesn't really make much of a difference." 

Behind leader Watson, Open champion Zach Johnson made five birdies as he carded a 65. The American sits one shot off the lead, alongside Henrik Stenson (66), Tony Finau (69) and Jason Dufner (68). 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Things to Talk To You Buddies About This Weekend.

From sports to TV to politics (OK, so mostly the first two), we offer five hot topics that are sure to liven up your round of golf:

1. Roanoke shootings: Sorry, but we're starting with something serious today. What happened on Thursday was disgusting. Sickening. Frightening. Regardless, as colleague Shane Ryan points out, it's better if we talk about it than hide from it. OK, end of mini-rant.

2. Ashley Madison: A hack of the adultery website has left its 37 million customers exposed. If you've found out about this via the news and it doesn't concern you, good for you. If you've found out about this the hard way, well, shame on you. OK, end of sermon.

3. Usain Bolt: The Jamaican won both the 100m and 200m at the World Championships in Beijing for his ninth and 10th overall gold medals at the event. Bolt is the fastest human in history and at 29, he's still the fastest human in the world. As long as he avoids anymore out-of-control Segways, he should be the man to beat at next year's Olympics.
4. FedEx Cup Playoffs: The ninth edition of these are underway and there are plenty of story lines to follow. Just how historic will Jordan Spieth's 2014-15 season turn out? Will the winner of the $10 million bonus be another Billy Horschel-like surprise? Will whoever wins the money use it for something worthwhile like paying off OMEGA to stop running that Rory McIlroy-"Hall of Fame" ad? Sure, it's not as exciting as playoffs in other sports, but try to enjoy it because once it ends, the next major will still be more than six months away.

5. "Bloodline": I finally got around to watching this highly recommended Netflix original drama and it was fantastic. Friday Night Light's Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) basically plays Coach Taylor again, but this time he's the leader of a family that's being torn apart by secrets from its past. Ben Mendelsohn is also great as the black sheep brother.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Help Yourself Play Better!

One of the most difficult things to accomplish in teaching is getting someone to change something that they are trying to do.  Most swing problems arise from trying to do the wrong thing without realizing it.

It can be something as simple as trying to take the club straight back that is causing a multitude of other problems in the golf swing. 

The best thing you can do to help yourself is to watch a good golf swing and then not thinking of anythings else other than trying to copy it.  Don't think about all the tips you have picked up.  Just concentrate on making the swing feel like the good swing looked. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rory McIlroy Can Retake the No. 1 Spot. How Bizzare Is This?

Rory McIlroy can retake the No. 1 spot from Jordan Spieth, despite not playing in The Barclays

Jordan Spieth is quickly finding out that, when you're at the top, everyone wants a piece of you. Including, apparently, math.

According to the Golf Channel, Spieth can lose his No. 1 golf world ranking this week to Rory McIlroy with a 15th-or-worse finish. Which wouldn't be bizarre, except for one slight caveat:

McIlroy isn't playing this week.

Because of the nuanced equation of the Official World Golf Ranking, Spieth, despite a strong Barclays field and McIlroy's absence, would get docked without a sound performance at Plainfield Country Club.

"As far as No. 1 in the world, there are people, plenty of guys on tour right now that have held that position for longer than a week, and I'm happy to be in that position now," Spieth said at the Edison, New Jersey course on Tuesday. "But I'd like to obviously hold it."

Not that Spieth is putting too much stock into this hypothetical.

"If you win each week, you're going to stay No. 1 and in my mind, that's the goal is to approach each tournament to try and win and then try and keep this position for hopefully years.

 "But again, it can change in two weeks' time, so I'm aware of that."

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Great Video On Being Over Confident!

Here is the link to the video.  Really funny and really embarrassing.  Never could get it to load on the page properly.  Link works fine.

Tiger Woods Should Do What He Does Best!

I was reading an interesting article from Fox Sports on Tiger Woods at the Wyndham Championship and I think the writer may have summed things up wonderfully with this statement.

"Let’s face it: Tiger Woods isn’t a rocket scientist or a physicist. He’s an athlete, and athletes have no business trying to learn the exact science of the game they play. They should just step up and amaze us with their ability. That’s what Tiger did better than anyone before him, and that’s why, love him or hate him, we all can’t help but watch him".

Monday, August 24, 2015

Indecision Cause Poor Shots.

There comes a time when a golf professional needs to take ownership of advice received from their caddie. And, there comes a time when a golfer needs to make their own decision.  If the golfer is ever in doubt~~ it usually ends up with a crappy shot as you will see here. 

Candie Kung, USC graduate and American touring pro from Taiwanese descent, was extremely close to winning the Canadian Pacific Women's Open this past Sunday.  She was tied with Lydia Ko going into the final round.

Inappropriate decisions between her caddie and herself at the worst possible time probably cost her the championship.

 Jeff King is her caddie and told Candie to hit a full wedge shot. Candie was worried about going over the green, which can be serious trouble. As you can see from the video, she was never comfortable with the club selection she did not come close to committing to the 110 yard shot.  We will never know if it was the right club as Jeff said.  Her indecision caused her to miss hit it the shot.

Jeff is allowed to read all of the greens for her and she follows her caddy's advice. Candie says that she is not a good green reader and trust Jeff's advice. 

Jeff has become a famous caddie on tour and is highly sought after, but not for his caddie abilities, it’s for his beef jerky product.  He is the founder of KingsMade beef jerky, and his product is catching on amongst tour players. Tiger Woods buys it by the pound.

Golfer Gets Two Holes-In-One In Nine Holes.

Golf ace beats odds of 670,000,000-1 to get 2 holes in 1 on a single round..but is left miffed at missed record.

THE 26-year-old golf ace defied astronomical odds to bag the double in one round.

Ewan landed two aces in the first nine holes
Golfer Ewan McKinnon defied odds of 67million-1 with two holes in one in a single round.
But he wasn’t satisfied and revealed his frustration at failing by one shot to match his own course record.

Ewan, 26, whose handicap is plus one, hit his double on Saturday at Corrie Golf Club, Arran, in the Whisky Cup.

First he struck an ace at the 124-yard fifth hole. Then pals Jimmy McConnachie and Ray Jefferies watched him repeat it at the eighth.
Ewan, a mountain rescuer, finished the first nine in 25, six under, and the round eight under on 54. He said: “It started with a two and things just got better.

“The only frustration was failing to keep up the momentum, which meant I was one short of equalling my record round.”

But he was amazed when a web search revealed the odds for a round. “It didn’t have a price for nine holes, but it must be astronomical,” he said.

The course he was playing was a nine hole short course with five par threes, but he still aced two par threes in a row.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The best 3-putt, ever - By Pinehurst's Kelly Mitchum

Don’t you wish we could all 3-putt like this?


OF COURSE, Kelly Mitchum would 3-putt like this. After all, he’s pretty good. (Make sure to note the order the balls drop into the cup.)

Mitchum, who performed this trick shot at Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, has played in four PGA Championships, was a U.S. Amateur semifinalist, played on the U.S. Walker Cup team, won the North & South Amateur, the ACC Championship and was a four-time All-American. He’s also been the Carolinas Golf Association Player of the Year 767 times (number is approximate).

Mitchum is one of Pinehurst’s lead instructors at the Pinehurst Golf Academy. He’s also finding ways to make practice fun at

Imagine what he could teach you.

Former Ryder Cup Captain Azinger On Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth the prototype for modern game of golf, says respected analyst Paul Azinger

But Tiger Woods continues to go in the wrong direction, says former US Ryder Cup captain.

 Jordan Spieth has had a stellar year with two majors won. Photo: AFP

 Jordan Spieth is "the prototype" of the modern-day golfer, while Dustin Johnson, "the most immensely talented guy out there who hasn't won a major", needs to take his game to a higher mental level, says Paul Azinger.

Former United States Ryder Cup captain Azinger also weighed in on the ongoing woes of Tiger Woods, saying he "continues to go in the wrong direction" with his focus on the physical rather than the mental.

"My favourite part about Spieth is that he actually is who we think he is," Azinger said of the newly crowned world number one who produced one of the best major seasons ever by a player during his 2015 campaign.

"Jordan Spieth says all the right things ... there is a window into his mind where he articulates his thoughts, how strategic he is. He's a breath of fresh air".

"He has surrounded himself with good people, he still has his parents involved. He turned pro at 19 - that's usually frowned upon but he's made the most of it and he's my favourite golfer to watch."
By no means the longest hitter out there, the remarkable Spieth won the first two majors of this year through clutch driving, superb wedge play and brilliant putting allied to a meticulous tournament strategy and unwavering mental strength.

In Azinger's view, the only player who perhaps had a stronger mind than the 22-year-old Spieth at such a young age was former world number one Woods, now aged 39.

"Tiger was probably mentally even stronger, or at least they are on an equal level," said Azinger, a 12-times winner on the PGA Tour who clinched his only major title in the 1993 PGA Championship at Inverness.
Tiger Woods waits to putt on the eighth hole during the second round of the PGA Championship. Photo: AP

"Tiger had maybe greater physical skills. He could separate himself with his power. There was a gap between how far Tiger hit it and the next guy. Jordan Spieth has not had that ability to separate out like that.

"But Jordan Spieth says all the right things. It's like there is a window into his mind where he articulates his thoughts, how strategic he is. He's a breath of fresh air. He's the prototype, really, on how to go about it."

While Masters and US Open champion Spieth, already a five-times winner on the PGA Tour, looks set to vie with Rory McIlroy for golfing supremacy over the next decade, Woods is going in the other direction.

A 14-times major champion, Woods plumbed new depths at last week's PGA Championship where he missed the cut in a third successive major for the first time in his career and he has dropped to a mind-boggling 286th in the rankings.

"Where he's making his mistake is in thinking his issues are more physical than mental," said Azinger, who was speaking at the Samsung Experience booth at Whistling Straits, which hosted last week's PGA Championship.

"His distance control isn't good, he's hitting it all over the place, he's not swinging all that well, so there are some physical issues there."

"Sometimes you tinker too much and you get to a point where you don't know what's natural any more. He'd be better off with a good conversation right now rather than a lesson."

While Azinger said he would never write Woods off, he found it very hard to watch "the greatest player of this generation" struggling so much out on the course.

"I think it embarrasses him to play like this, but he knows deep down inside that he can get it done," said Azinger, who has become one of the most acclaimed golf analysts on television.

"He's just got to figure out what's wrong. I think he's lost and he continues to go in the wrong direction."

Someone else requiring a greater mental focus, according to Azinger, was long-hitting American Johnson. Johnson blew good opportunities at the last two majors, missing a three-foot putt that would have forced a play-off with Spieth at the US Open in June before frittering away the 36-hole lead at last month's British Open.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Have To Be A Good Putter

Jason Day Talks About Tiger.

 Tiger Woods' form has dipped woefully in recent times

Tiger Woods heads into this week's crunch Wyndham Championship with a warning from Jason Day that the majority of players no longer fear him.

Woods' career hit a new low last weekend when he missed the cut at the US PGA Championship.

The American may be the second-best golfer of all time, but he has missed the cut at the last three majors.

Day, who went on to win the US PGA, considers Woods a friend, but admits the 39-year-old has a huge mountain to climb to regain the fear factor that helped him become the greatest golfer on the planet.

"I think the majority of the players were afraid of him and he had that aura about him," Day said.

"A lot of people fell away when he got in the hunt.

"It's hard to say this, but I don't think he gets that as much now because the other guys are so young and confident and hard-working and they believe in themselves so much."

Woods has entered the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina, in a last-ditch attempt to make the post-season play-offs.

Woods, ranked 187th, needs to win the tournament to reach the top 125 and qualify.
Although he feels Woods has lost his mojo, Day feels one tournament win would help boost the confidence of the former world number one no end.

"He is at the bottom of the mountain at the moment, but you have to start somewhere," the Australian said.

"The bottom may be the most rocky part to get past, but if any player can do it, he can.

"The first title is the hardest, then he will gain confidence and belief
"It will be tough but that is why he is competing."

Day is taking some time off following his first major win and will therefore not be competing at the Wyndham Championship.

Luke Donald, Martin Kaymer and Charl Schwartzel are among the players who are taking part in the tournament, which begins on Thursday.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Distance

The two best words for any amateur golfer have to be: More distance.

Mike Rothera, director of golf instruction at Pinehills Golf Club, has a few simple instructions for how to add those two buzz words to your arsenal.

“Everybody is interested in getting that ball an extra 10 or 20 yards off the tee,” Rothera said.

The first tip is to attempt to launch the ball at a higher angle. Rothera likes to see a golfer set up with the ball a little forward in their stance, meaning off the inside of the front foot. Secondly, Rothera teaches golfers to tilt their body angle back to get a feeling that you are behind the ball.

“What this is doing is it is getting a spine angle that has more of a look of a reverse-K,” Rothera said. “You really want to have a nice, stable base at the bottom.”

This will allow you to hit up on the ball a little bit more. It’s good to rehearse that in a practice swing before hitting your tee shot.

“What we are really trying to do is rehearse swings that we are swinging up on the ball a little more, swinging up and to the right a little bit more,” Rothera said. “That should get the feeling that you are launching the ball up into the air to that most amount of carry that you can get.”

Rothera said these tips might help you produce a draw and increase the spin on the ball when it hits the ground to give you a little more roll out. So for the slicers, these are great tips to help cure that problem as well.

“When you make your back swing make a nice shoulder turn and from here you are just making a nice swing up and out to the right,” Rothera said.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Picks for the Five Best to Never Win a Major.

Fifth Place - Henrik Stenson

Henrik Stenson would not be the player on the tip of everyones tongues, but having had a tough spell during his career, he has silenced all of the doubters. With one WGC and two DP World Tour Championships included in his 17 professional wins, he certainly has the credentials.
His best chances were when he came third to Jason Dufner in the 2013 PGA Championship and runner up to Phil Mickelson at The Open Championship. He did finish top of the money lists on both side of the Atlantic and won the $10million bonus pool at the FedEx Cup in 2013 also. Despite all this, he still hasn't got that major title.

Fourth - Sergio Garcia

If Sergio Garcia were to win a major championship, I think the World would go crazy for him. He is arguably one of the most likable characters on tour and adored by his fans. In the 2007 British Open he had an opportunity to win but missed an eight-footer, only to lose to Irishman Padraig Harrington in a play off. Ouch!
PGA Championship - Round One
He has been close many times before. 20 top tens which include four runner up spots meant that he has been knocking on the door since 1999. Personally, out of all of the people who made this list, I sincerely hope I can wipe Garcia's name off the list, at some point.

Third - Lee Westwood

Lee Westwood holds a nation's pride on his shoulders but, unfortunately, still hasn't been able to deliver a major title for England. We've had other British guys triumph but it is hard to watch Westwood try and fail so often.
PGA Championship - Preview Day 2
His closest chance was when he three putted on the final hole of the 2009 Open Championship, where Tom Watson captured the hearts of many and rolled back the years.
The Englishman was adamant he needed to hole a monster putt to make the play off, but if he had the power of hindsight, two putts would have been enough. Eventually, Stewart Cink won and wasn't the most popular champion ever.

Runner Up - Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson. Where do I begin with this towering American giant. I just want to scream. He has been so close so many times and the luck never tends to go his way. The closest chance was back at Whistling Straits in 2010 where he grounded his club in a 'bunker' (which had been trampled through by the crowd). The resulting penalty left him missing out by the narrowest of margins.
PGA Championship - Final Round
To add to the list, an 82 in the final round of the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach and a costly OB at the 2011 British Open. Not to mention the fact that he was the first round leader in the US Open, British Open and PGA Championship, all in 2015.

Out of all of the players in this list, Johnson has to be the one who will not remain in here forever. To do this though, he will have to improve his course management strategy and his ability to cope with adversity.

Champion - Colin Montgomerie 

Colin Montgomerie is our unfortunate winner for two major reasons. The Scotsman, who was honored with an OBE, had two very near misses in 1994 in 1995, suffering defats in playoffs in the US Open and PGA Championship respectively.

The second heart wrenching reason, is that the Scotsman is the most likely to stay on this list forever. At 52-years-old, he is no longer a spring chicken and his days of being able to compete with the youthful elite, are long gone.
PGA Championship - Round Two
The eight time European Tour Order of Merit winner, has finished in the top ten ten times and runner up of five occasions. He had won almost everything in the game and still holds the record for the most number of OOM Titles on the European Tour. He was heralded as one of the best Ryder Cup players in History. He was one of the greats.

He has made up for lost time since turning 50-years-old. He has won three Senior Major Championships.  However, in my book, it doesn't count.  Sorry Monty, but I sincerely hope you can continue breaking records on the Champions Tour.

Great Advice for Jordan Spieth!

Montgomerie, Duval warning to Jordan Spieth: Chase improvement at your peril!

By John Strege

So Jordan Spieth won two major championships and ascended to No. 1 in the World Ranking and he’s only 22. What now?
 Colin Montgomerie on Golf Channel Sunday night warned against his doing anything different in an effort to get better.

“We’re saying, ‘what does Jordan Spieth have to do to improve?’” Montgomerie said.

“He’s doing OK the way he is. Sometimes improvement, you can diversify in life and get it wrong. Jordan Spieth has to do what he was doing this year and do it again next year.”
Spieth No 1.jpg
Though Tiger Woods was never mentioned, it had to have been one name that came to mind in the litany of golf’s cautionary tales. Others that were mentioned were Luke Donald and Martin Kaymer, each of whom ascended to No. 1 only to chase improvement and suffer considerable setbacks in the process.

“Nearly every good or great player as they go into their mid to late 20s, early 30s, they improve in some capacity,” Rich Lerner said. “Where do you think Spieth would improve?”

“You have to learn,” Montgomerie said. “Jordan Spieth is learning all the time. Why did he not win this week? His putter was a little bit colder than it was the last three majors, obviously. So that’s why he didn’t win. OK, we work on that, if he can become a better putter.”

David Duval, a former world No. 1, issued his own warning.

“One of the things I’m hoping is he doesn’t chase distance in this distance-prejudiced era,” he said. “He doesn’t need it. He’s ascended to number one against a mighty formidable group of players this year. That goes to show that what he’s doing is right. And he doesn’t need to improve. Every golfer wants to improve. Be careful that you don’t go backwards in that process. If you figured out a way and you get to number one how do you need to improve? You’re the best.”

Replied Montgomerie, “You have to be very careful. A number of great golfers got to number one or number one on the money list and thought, ‘right, I’ve got here, now how can I get better.’ and I never see them again. So be careful.”

Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting It Out Of The Rough!

You crush your tee shot on the dogleg left hole, but a persistent left to right wind starts fading the ball away from the center of the fairway. Frantic body English does not relinquish nature’s forces. It is going to be a close call if your shot stays in the short grass. You chase after it, and that sinking feeling starts to kick in when there is no white pill to be spotted where you hoped your ball would be.

After a short search, one of your wisecracking playing partners spots it hiding deep in the fairway rough and offers to let you borrow his weed whacker. Your ball has taken refuge in the spinach, the cabbage, the thick stuff.

With amateurs, the biggest mistake in the rough is trying to hit that heroic shot out of a lie that does not allow for that shot.

Normally, it is more of a recovery shot that is called for. Get the ball out and back in play. The first thing, and the most important thing that dictates what club you use and what shot you choose out of the rough is the lie—how the ball is sitting in the grass.

The odds of hitting that miraculous shot six feet from the pin to make the birdie putt out the rough are not in your favor.

Always look to get the ball back in play safely. And then try to make a par, or your best score, from that point. Most golfers do not take their medicine when they have that poor lie in the rough.

Here's a great Golf Channel video that explains it well.

The True Art of Helping Golfers.

Tiger Woods Asks What We All Want to Know

Tiger Woods asks what we all want to know: 'What the f--k is wrong with you?' 


 Based on the feedback I'm getting from people actually on the grounds every week, Tiger is focused on speed and distance.  He seems to think that if he can hit it as far as Dustin Johnson he will be able to intimidate again.

It seems his ego is once again preventing him from listening to good advice.

I wish him luck, but I don't really expect to see him around again this weekend.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maybe My Favorite Harvey Penick Quote.

Zach Johnson: Supporting Act to Rory and Jordan


Open champion Zach Johnson admits he will be the support act to playing partners Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth in the star-studded grouping at the US PGA Championship tomorrow.

Fans will be flocking to Whistling Straits hoping to catch a glimpse of world No1 McIlroy, making a surprise return from an ankle injury, and Spieth, the Masters and US Open champion.

Sure, there will be interest in Johnson, too, but just 24 days after lifting the Claret Jug at St Andrews (right) the American knows his place in the order and is comfortable with it.

“I feel like I’ve experienced it all before,” said the American. “The Tiger Woods crowds are basically second to none as far as numbers go and I can remember I played the first two days with Tiger and Rory in one tournament.

“If you can get through those two days, you can get through anything. I embrace that. To me, the more the merrier.”

Johnson believes he is now better placed to build on his Open success than he was when he won his first Major, The Masters, in 2007. Following that triumph it took him three years to gain another top-10 placing at a Major, finishing third at the US PGA when it was last held at this Wisconsin course.

“It’s been a great whirlwind since St Andrews but I feel more prepared this time than I did in 2007,” said the 39-year-old. “It is my second Major and you kind of know what goes along with that.

“I think the comfort level is probably more there. The shock and awe of Augusta was pretty intense and I would say this year it’s more just extreme awe. The shock isn’t quite as significant.”

Victory for an American on Sunday will give the country its first clean sweep of the Majors since 1982.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Great Short Putting Drill

Not hitting putts solid is the major reason for leaving the ball short and I think we can all agree that if you leave it short, you are not going to make it.  The video only takes about a minute and a half and is really good advice.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Watch This Little Girl Hit This Shot.

What a great way to teach children!

The little girl is requested to concentrate on one thing - finish high, and then watch her expression after she makes the shot.
That's perfect coaching! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Golf Instructors Looking For Other Career Options.

I just got a message from a friend of mine that is also a fellow golf instructor.  He was very upset.  He says that we need to start looking for another line of work.  He just observed something that is going to put all of us out of business.

While watching The Golf Channel this morning he observed infomercials where Rick Smith, Hank Haney, and Bobby Clampett are all giving away secrets that they have learned from tour players or while on tour.

So far the comments show that we instructors are in a panic:

“Well there goes my future lesson revenue! My students won't need me after they see Rick’s

“Are his secrets different than Bobby Clampett's and Hank Haney' free secrets”?
secret lessons and start shooting par.  Anyone hiring for odd jobs around the house”?

“Sam , all I know is it seems The Tour is some kind of secret society and a few renegades are blowing it wide open !!! This thing is bigger than all of us” !!!

Apparently there is a tour rookie orientation class where they are told all these secrets and

The golf instruction business will never recover from this.  Then on top of everything else, I opened my email and find out that Gary McCord is now doing the same thing.

I’m going to wrap this up now and go get on social media and let all the young guys out there know that they might want to start looking at other career paths.  Sad to see it end this way, but at least all the golfers out there will be scratch players hitting it 30 yards farther. 
have to sign an oath not to reveal them. Then you have these sneaky instructors drugging them or just getting them drunk and stealing them.  Now they are going to give them away free.

Guess there is a silver ling to everything.

Why You Need to Improve Your Grip!

Why You Need to Improve Your Grip
An example of one of the most common grip mistakes that leads to major swing problems!

Here is a great short video showing you how to quickly get the correct grip.

If you grip the club incorrectly it is almost impossible to change your swing.  If you are just taking golf up, I can’t over emphasize the importance of having a decent grip.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t care if it is the classic overlap, the interlock or the ten fingers because they all work.  Starting with a faulty grip will cause you to build compensations into your swing to accommodate it that will be very difficult to correct later. 

There are dozens of training aids to help you with gripping the club properly but this one will improve your grip and your ability to use your hands properly.

The longer you have been playing the more difficult it is to change your grip.  You have built your swing around it and changing it will cause your swing to change.  This will feel very uncomfortable and awkward at first.  Practice swinging with the proper grip without hitting balls initially.  When you first make the change you will probably hit the ball worse until your swing adjusts also.  It will take dedication to stick with it.  If you do make the change, the reward will be worth it.  More consistent, longer, straighter shots than you have ever hit before.

One of the most difficult concepts to get across to many golfers is that the hands are not used to “hit” the ball any more than the hands apply the force to a hammer.  They simply hold onto the club while the arms and body create the force.

It is extremely rare to find a bad ball striker with a good grip and I personally have never seen a good player with a bad grip.  There is also another relationship I’ve noticed over the years – the worse your grip is the higher your handicap is.

If you are like me you get bombarded constantly by people trying to sell you training aids, books, DVD, etc. that will dramatically improve your game.  What they don’t tell you is that with a bad grip none of them will work.

Your grip is your only connection to the golf club and it determines club face alignment and direction at impact which determines whether or not you will hit the ball in the direction you were swinging or not and how straight it will fly.

I’m going to give you one major check point – the right thumb.  If it sits on top of the club you have almost no chance at all of hitting a solid shot toward the target.  It is also the major cause of slicing the ball.  If you grip the club properly you could hit the ball very well with the right thumb and index finger off the club completely.